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Chile Travel Packages

In the north is the Atacama Desert, the driest place on Earth; in the south are the Patagonian ice fields; in between are fertile valleys, forests as old as time, temperamental volcanoes, and unspoiled beaches; all of these dramatic landscapes can be found in beautiful Chile. Chile's landscape is a sight to behold, and these areas complement it perfectly. The length of the country has earned it praise, but its narrow width of only 175 kilometers defies reason.

From the top of South America to its bottom, the country of Chile is home to a wide variety of interesting and hospitable people, such as the amiable alpaca herders, the hardy huaso farmers of Patagonia, and the sophisticated professionals of Santiago.

The desolate moonscape of Valle de la Luna, the vast Atacama Desert with its rusty colored surroundings, the striking Atacama salt flat where Andean flamingos are silhouetted against an infinite skyline, chic Santiago with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, the thriving Chilean wine country, and mysterious Easter Island are all must-sees.


Eastern Island and Santiago

Eastern Islands , Santiago .

7 days / Inquire Now
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The Best of Chile

Eastern Islands , Santiago , Atacama .

14 days / Inquire Now
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Classic Atacama

Atacama .

4 days / Inquire Now
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